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Immigration Control Platform
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Ted Neville on RTÉ Prime Time

General Election 2007

Since You Last Voted...

> €1.5 Billion has been spent on the asylum support
process! - an extraordinary sum when one considers that
90% of applicants are found to be illegal. The free legal-aid system is used to fight appeals at great cost "up to the steps of the air-plane", as one Government official put it.

> The Government told us that 10,000 workers max. would come from the new EU accession states, but the real figure is 200,000, a huge distorting figure in a small economy.

> The Government's failure to 'ring-fence' its child-support
payment scheme, means that €90 Million goes annually
to children actually resident in those accession states.

> While our primary school-children put up with overcrowded class-rooms, 800 recently-sanctioned new teachers have
to be allocated to teaching English to newcomers-children
with no improvement in the ratio.

> The English language teaching schools have been used
as a loophole through which students dissappear into the
black economy during or after their courses .

> The demographic make-up of our capital city has altered
dramatically - and predictions have been made of areas
where the native population mightl soon be a minority
itself !

> 20% of prison committals are from the foreign national
community - hardly the trend we would have expected.

> There are huge expanding populations in the third-world countries, many of whom now see Ireland as an favoured destination - we can't cope with this and must send a signal that it's not sustainable. Immigration Control Platform policy favours using the vast sums of asylum support expenditure as overseas-aid where it can really help a greater number of these people.

Vote NEVILLE, and Make it No. 1, But Do It NOW, It Really Won't Matter in 5 Years' Time.

Ted Neville also advocates the complete banning of ritual slaughter of animals in Ireland - it's still legal here ! Mandatory community-service sentences for those littering and fly-tipping.

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